Sammamish client

February 25th, 2014

To Whom It May Concern,

As a long time business employer and knowing Susan Gerend as our family�s agent for decades, I highly recommend her real estate services, not only because she is a high achiever who has mastered the instrumental aspects of real estate with a tremendous success record, but because she is an exceptional human being. She embodies the humanist elements of buying and selling � as these are some of the most emotionally charged experiences for everyone involved; leaving the past behind as well as exciting new beginnings; whether selling or buying and dealing with the complex process. Susan Gerend is one of those difficult to find individuals when searching for the right person that will achieve your goals in a professional and compassionate manner and who excels in all aspects of her profession.

As a listing agent Susan successfully marketed our shared waterfront home which quickly sold last summer in Sammamish. Beyond Susan�s award winning marketing as well as staging skills, she has an intrinsic ability to recognize and communicate the unique characteristics of each home and family she represents. With attention to all details and any challenges that may arise, she is a sure winner and personally managed many of our home repairs/ improvements by obtaining competitive quotes and personally overseeing the work and directing vendors. A team player is an understatement as Susan�s charismatic and sincere personality along with her extreme professionalism handles any challenging situations; instilling confidence as she directed the sale of a home while resonating harmony throughout the process, especially when involving complex transactions with varied individual goals; sellers, buyers, vendors/contractors, associates and bankers. Susan went well beyond the standard duties of a listing agent as she personally owned the project from beginning to the end; attending to matters beyond our expectations and proactively eliminating the element of surprise and avoiding roadblocks that would have slowed down closing or perhaps killed the deal. The result was a quick and profitable sale.

The added value to Susan�s services covers a whole realm of items: extra exposure beyond traditional advertising through her own investments in addition to corporate advertising, a large network of satisfied clients, and her reputation for a high standard of ethics, her proactive approach, organizational skills and ability to identify potential problems in advance. Some examples include her having our septic tank certified in advance of marketing our property; she increased the value of our home by identifying several repairs and undesirable elements such as cigarette and pet odors; she had insight into many matters that would have been overlooked by us. Susan was very resourceful in identifying qualified and reasonably priced contractors and handymen providing us with several options and quotes; roofing, landscaping, carpet replacement, painting and more.

Another major area of an added value to Susan�s services is in her depth knowledge of waterfront properties and shoreline issues. She not only resided in a waterfront property and marketed others, but she has a full understanding of the lifestyle that comes with living on a lake which reflected in her marketing presentations. Finally Susan personally attended to small details such as watering plants, sweeping the decks, and much more.

As a buyer�s agent, Susan is as exceptional in this role as any, always achieving excellence in her professional knowledge and services in addition to being a warm and caring individual. She supported us emotionally through a complex process while sewing all the transaction pieces together in order that we could meet our family�s goal of purchasing a waterfront home on Lake Stevens so that my father could live with us in a family environment and in a waterfront lifestyle that he was accustomed to prior to his illness; dementia. Her professional skills were monumental in our negotiations and to our achieving a complex financial and legal process as well as meeting a closing date.

There are not enough words to describe why I strongly recommend Susan�s services. We are grateful to her gentle dedication, perseverance to overcome challenges and her ultimate friendship. She has come far beyond my expectations and I do not hesitate to say she is the best and only choice; a true friend and professional looking out for our family�s best interest.


Magda Hopt

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